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Today we left the hotel early to tour parm cheese production and have another cooking class.

As you get close to the parm cheese plant, the odor fills the air. At 8 am, the odor inside the plant sent Kari running. I buttoned up my shirt to cover my nose and rolled paper towels to breathe through. I thought I could handle it- as soon as I went outside, I started to heave and the Burke Flu hit me. Kari was about to get sick and Luca had no idea what to do. It took 30 minutes of fresh air to end the reaction. Luca called cooking class to warn them of our very early arrival.

We arrived early and lucky us, the health inspector was there. That is why we are wearing hairnet hats. The lesson was less formal-great. Sylvia our chef was fantastic and we made some great dishes.

We had the afternoon to go shopping. I have never seen Kari so excited-due to all the designer shops. Somehow I bought everything.

Things changed after the bottle of prosceco....=

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Sept. 14 and 15

Okay where to start.

We have a very nice driver-Luca. He is huge-broad/tall, very nice, speaks english and is very in love with his girlfriend. We know all about her-especially since she calls and texts non stop. Sweet child of mine blares from the phone. Also, we know all about their sex life because it came out at lunch. Luckily for us-since his car is for business they don't have sex in it. I was happy because I sit in the front bucket seat.

Yesterday we had a full day. We started off with a tour of the Ferrari gallery.

The gallery consists of the formula one models and road versions throughout the years. We had a lovely woman guide-who must fantasize about Mr. Enzo Ferrari-with serious italian accent-must have said his name every other word.

So many men drooling over engines and taking pictures of every detail. Like they found their mecca.

I had a mission-to locate a one of a kind item that they do not sell in the states. I was told to get a shirt with a marlboro label because advertisizing issues with cigarette companies. Kari and I searched and finally a woman came out of the back room to look us over and brought out an item at a time. Didn't realize this was black market apparel-and priced as such-I'm positive this appreciation will last a LONG TIME.

Next on our schedule was to visit a balsamic vinegar plant. This was in a private house. Kari and I felt like we were in a twilight zone episode. The house was a 18th century villa. We were given a tour of the house-creepy-weird. Strange art and antiques-interesting yes however to parade strangers in and they did not speak english. We had to watch part of a movie-in which the house was used-all part of this bizarre tour.

We were taken to the house where the balsamic is made-this was cool-because it is traditional with barrel and you can see it takes 12 years minimum for the vinegar. 7 barrels and constant attention-it is a business passed on through generations-in order to start from scratch, you would have to wait 12 years-unless it is commercial grade. We had a tasting-they make a 3 year, 12 and 25+. Amazing taste.

We then went back into the house for lunch-funny because we were served boxed spaghetti with bolognase sauce-which is a crime-the worst lambrusco wine-Kari was so funny about all of this. We bought lots of vinegar and overall good experience.

Since it was sunday, all stores were closed and the weather rainy and cold. Gone were the sunny days of Spain. =

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sept 13

Kari and I arrived together. She was so great. I totally empathesized with the travel for 24 hours feeling.

Bologna is a cute city. Lots of designer shops. We had to wait for our room so we had some proscesco and toasted to our Italian holiday.

We went to a few shops for bread, cheese, wine and tomatoes. Went back top the room-lucky to get anything because everything closes for siesta. And we enjoyed a nice siesta ourselves.

We found a restaurant and had a great meal. Bologna is yummy. We realized quickly we have to learn some key italian words because Kari keeps getting napkins when she requests towels.

I had her looking for a phrase book and we bought one. Just now she opens the information packet she has carried for a month to find italian phrases. i feel for everyone because, I'm armed with phrase book and map.

We had a great cooking class today-amazing what you can do without a pastamatic. We hope to make taglielle for you all-bolognase ragu very complex so will open prego-your welcome by the way.

I love the coffee lady in the mornings-may never have starbucks again.

After dinner this evening, Kari and I went to the italian Melissa Etheridge concert in the square. Kari was groped by 3 dancing idiots-who weren't italian and 2 inches shorter than she was. Very funny.

Ciao J =

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adidios and ciao

sunny 30 °C
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Sept. 12

spent the last 2 days relaxing on the beach and walking around.

Our hotel was on a street known as las ramblas-it is a huge attraction. It is broken into 5 sections-by types of things sold-caged birds, markets farmers and artists, flower stalls and the plaza. There are amazing street performers. Dressed head to toe in costumes and full makeup.

Lucky me, I walked by an older gentleman in full bathing suit makeup. Speedo type if you were wondering. I guess this was new-because a thedrug dealers were laughing. Hanging free-some people are very secure.

The most interesting part of my location was the hookers and pimps. Watched every night from hotel. With all the family friendly activities and wholesomeness-mixed in with the erotic museum, whores and pimps. I was able to take some pictures-poor quality.

So today, I start my new adventure. Joe and I had our good and bad moments; however saying goodbye is never easy and to continue without him gives me mixed emotions. We both had fun and a trip of a lifetime.
Of course trip to the airport wouldn't be fun without being dropped at wrong terminal and having to walk a mile with 70 pound luggage in hand. The look on the check in guys face when he said you are checking that-priceless. I even unloaded some things.

With that adidos Joe and Ciao Kari. Italy awaits. =

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sept 9

Had a really nice day today.

Full of culture. Gaudi and Picasso. Reaaly amazing how they envisioned art and the outcome. really inspired my post card hunt.

Joe has a completely different vision of the world-he is able to detect hookers and drugs. The hookers are all black in this area and work in packs. They try and pickpocket the victim. It was amazing to watch. They actually dress like normal people-I would expect a heel or fishnets-maybe some nipple.

To start our sightseeing, I consulted my books and cameup with great plan-mostly because I want to go to the beach tomorrow and thursday. Needed to get as much culture in as possible.

I love maps. I always know where things are-just never read map right-I will blame it on my job-always reading through a mirror-so things are inverted-sounds good.

We bought a 2 day metro pass. Really best way to get around. Our hotel is on the main street. La Ramblas-is full of street performers, shops and cafes. Really great location. The funny thing about taking the subway is when you want to transfer and you have to leave the station-they paint a yellow line with arrows-everyone follows the line-no cutting corners-it is amazing-if only life was so easy.

Going to return the rental car tomorrow. Kind of sad-huge relief too. So excited for Italy. Kari may see the world like me-one glass or wine at a time. =

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